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halfrhovsquared February 16, 2012 20:27

Measuring fluid depth
How do I measure the depth of fluid at a specific location in a draining channel or tank? I want to measure fluid height along one line, just like a dipstick or float gauge would.

halfrhovsquared February 17, 2012 10:19

Ok, found it. For future reference for someone:

Model Setup - Output - Special Output - Hydraulic Data

Only works with free surface flows and z must be set up with positive in the vertical direction.

melissa February 17, 2012 11:16

History probes can be added before you run the simulation.
Depending on your version you will either have to enter them manually into the prepin file or through the GUI meshing & geometry.

You also have options in post-processing in 1-D and text output tab.

halfrhovsquared February 17, 2012 15:46

Good info, thank you!

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