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Nasim April 30, 2013 12:40

Heat Pipe Modelling
I am trying to model a heat pipe with Fluent. i am using VOF and my two phases are water and vapor, at the beginning the vapor percentage is 0. Using laminar flow for nowand using pressure-velocity coupling- coupled with volume fraction, I get divergence detected in AMG solver: temperature. I don't know where exactly I should look for a solution to my problem. Any suggestions?

RodriguezFatz May 2, 2013 08:50

Hi. Try to run a single phase flow without energy equation and see if that works. Can you post a picture of setup and mesh?

Nasim June 5, 2013 10:44

Heat Pipe Modelling
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Thanks for your reply, I tried that but I get reverse flow in pressure outlet and I can get convergence.
I copied the geometry and mesh on the word file attached. I couldn't attach the actual file (was getting an error). Any help is appriciated.

RodriguezFatz June 6, 2013 01:52

I don't understand your pictures. What is your domain and what means the last picture? I can't find any geometry that looks like that in the pictures before.

Nevertheless your mesh looks much too coarse (without knowing what you actually do).

shahoco May 27, 2015 07:46

MHPA in flat plate solar collector
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I want to model micro heat pipe flat grooves (or micro fins) rectangular would mesh with ICEM, but due to the small diameter of the semi-circular groove about 0.4 -1 mm and a width of 60 mm, height of 3 mm and is length 930mm.
First question, how to generate mesh with the this program
The second question, I want to UDF micro heat pipe flat for phase change in Fluent
Yours truly
Kaveh Shojaei......

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