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manjunath June 12, 2013 13:42

solid-solid-liquid three phase flow in stirred tank

I am trying to simulate solid-liquid flows in a stirred tank. I was able to set up and simulate the case for two phase solid-liquid flow, 100 micrometer diameter solid particles (VF = 0.1) in water using both Mixture and Eulerian model.
I am interested in adding particles of different diameter (1000 micrometer dia, VF = 0.1) to the tank, essentially creating a three phase solid-solid-liquid flow. I am getting divergence error if I solve for the volume fraction equations, even if I start with a converged initial solution which is obtained by ignoring the volume fraction equations.
I am using MRF technique to model the impeller rotation and using mixture turbulence model. Any help on this issue is appreciated.


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