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yashganatra June 13, 2013 03:49

Re: Solidification/Melting Model in FLUENT 13.0
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I am simulating solidification of a metal in an enclosure with Natural Convection. In operating conditions, I switched on gravity and put -9.8 in Y direction and operating temperature as melting temp (302.9 K).
Left wall is at 290 K and right wall at 310 K
I used QUICK scheme for discretization and SIMPLE algorithm. I have kept VOF OFF.
However, the contours of temperature and liquid fraction are vertical lines which shouldn't be the case as i am using Boussinesq Approximation.
I referred manual and it states that the enthalpy is updated using enthalpy porosity technique. I am attaching screenshots of all my conditions.

I would be grateful if someone could suggest the possible errors.
Kindly help


Far June 13, 2013 05:15

yashganatra June 13, 2013 05:22

Thank you for your reply. Sir, I have followed this tutorial. This involves continuous casting. and I am not clear why g has been specified in the X direction. However I am unable to get the contours of liquid fraction for my case

yashganatra June 13, 2013 05:53

Could you please check my UDF also? I have searched lots and now I am stuck here. It would be great if anyone could help out.


yashganatra June 13, 2013 05:54

I have included link in the above message

sooroo3 August 14, 2013 04:27

You should activate "specified operating density" in variable-density parameters. hope it help you.

ravipvb September 4, 2013 00:54

HI, I believe that you will get the vertical lines only because for low temperature difference between hot and cold wall, conduction and convection exist together and phase front is parallel to the hot & cold walls. your are simulating a simple case so there shouldn't be any problem...go through this paper.."Nanoparticle-enhanced phase change materials (NEPCM) with great potential for improved thermal energy storage; J. M. Khodadadi, S. F. Hosseinizadeh"

dinesh September 4, 2013 13:39


Originally Posted by sooroo3 (Post 445623)
You should activate "specified operating density" in variable-density parameters. hope it help you.

will the operating temperature be the melting temperature. Also what we be the operating density whether is will be of soild or melted liquid. also while using PISO/Body force weighted/2nd order scheme i get the divergence after some initial run. my flow dir is Y, but divergence comes in x and z components of velocity. what should i do.

Tri_marsah December 11, 2013 14:05


Originally Posted by yashganatra (Post 433760)
I have included link in the above message

could you give me your file .msh??
maybe i can help your problem. because few day ago, i simulated solar water heater problem, and i think your problem as same as with my simulated
my email :

Zaktatir December 11, 2013 14:26

check up the reference density!

Zaktatir December 11, 2013 14:30

and i will start with a reference temperature equal to the middle temperature between the walls!

adi83 December 17, 2013 23:12

Combine solidification model and DPM
Hello everyone,

Does anyone knows how to simulate solidification in the DPM, because currently I study droplet solidification in gas atomization.

Thank you very much for the attention.

nishi June 12, 2017 06:27


I am new to fluent...plzz help me
I am solving a continuous casting model in solid shell thickness is coming less that what is expected......
can anyone suggest me what can i do?
does specifying operating density has anything to do with it?
does the selection of steady/transient model affect it? August 7, 2018 11:38

i have the similar problem when should i enable VOF is it necessary for simulating melting/solidification???

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