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golriz July 1, 2013 15:10

****Free Surface Modeling+Solid Particels****
Hello everybody,
I have a question about Fluent.I should to model 3 different phases (water, solid particles and air) in a hydraulic structure. I have a tank of water and solid particles (sediment). The tank is being used for trapping medium to coarse sediment particles by settling. Water and solid particles inflows to the tank and most of particles are deposited in the tank and a small percentage of particles with water are exited from the outlet of the tank. It should be noted that the flow in the tank is free surface. Now, which model is appropriate for this case? Eulerian or VOF?

Can VOF approach be used for solid particles modeling?

Can I model both free surface and settling of solid particles by using Eulerian model? Or by Eulerian I can not predict the free surface?


golriz July 3, 2013 02:01


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