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mumaga July 10, 2013 19:09

rain runoff into river-Open Channel Flow

I am working on shallow water equations and trying to incorporate rain into the mathematical system. I am trying to simulate a river using FLUENT and see the effects the runoff has on the momentum and water height in order to understand the effect properly and know which components are important to be considered as a first model.

The geometry I want to build can be seen in
(well known images sharing website) which is a cross section of the channel (so I will be simulating in 3D) From what I saw in the forums I should be using FOV and specify water as the secondary phase, while air the primary.

any ideas of how to set the boundary condition for the runoff? I am thinking that I can set mass inflow from the upper side so it flows on the banks and then it can be regarded as runoff!

Many thanks, I will probably be posting more questions when I get my hands on the package!


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