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yasir_hayyat July 19, 2013 09:25

Boiling simulation ( standard state enthalpy)
Hi every one i have confusion in defining standard state enthalpy for both liquid phase oxygen and gaseous phase oxygen. Basically i am simulating cryogenic boiling in fluid film bearings and i am using liquid oxygen as lubricant which boils at very low temperature around 91 k. I have seen in one or 2 fluent boiling tutorials where standard state enthalpies of vapor and liquid phase are set such that their difference equals to latent heat of vaporization in doing so they set the value of standard state enthapy of water equal to zero and standard state enthapy of water vapor equal to latent heat of evaporation and set the reference temperature equal to 298.15 k .
my question is that should in follow the same procedure for the liquid oxygen and
gaseous oxgen? won't it make any difference as iam too below standard room temperature. should i also use reference temperature as 298.15k currenetly i am using 90 k as reference temperature as this is my inlet temperature of liquid oxygen in the bearings.
Thanks in advanced .

jacek October 13, 2014 03:31

Latent Heat
I have some problem with latent heat too. There is no site in Flunet where it is stated explicitly. To make thing worse, if Species model is declared (no Multiphase) there is no Standard State Enthalpy tag in Materials.

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