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Rizwan15 August 8, 2013 15:14

Flow Sloshing.. i need help please :(
i am trying to calculate sloshing forces in aircraft refueller commonly known as bowser . here's what i did:
20 feet meshed domain in ICEM with three perforated plates
boundary conditions:
i patched 70% of domain with fuel with velocity of 2m/sec and remaining with air.
to calculated forces, i made 3 perforated plates inside domain (with holes varying from 1 to 5) in each case with total hole area constant.
now when i calculated forces on walls, they kept on decreasing when the number of holes was increased. i want to verify the trend of my results or methodology which i am following.
i need help

Rizwan15 August 8, 2013 15:16

i need it urgent as my final project is totally dependent on it!

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