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Anandanarayanan September 9, 2013 14:05

Difference between different multiphase models in Fluent??
Hi friendz...I'm little bit confused with the different multiphase models in Fluent...I would also like to know, to which multiphase application i can use the specific model...additional information's are appreciable.

oj.bulmer October 2, 2013 06:41

If you post a question this broad, I would be surprised if you got any elaborate answers. Have you referred the FLUENT documentation? There is plenty of information in there. Additionally, you can also download the presentation slides on this from ANSYS portal.


mostafa_zeynalabedini February 9, 2014 01:12

hello all
I have two question about Eulerian-Eulerian multiphase model in FLUENT. 1-Is this model the same as Two-fluid model by Ishii? If yes why it does not have any void fraction advection equation?
It has two set of conservation equation for each phase but a new unknown variable as void fraction (assume that we have two phase and their summation is equal to one, so there is one unknown void fraction). So two solve this set of equation another equation is required, and there is no other equation in FLUENT help document. So how does the Eulerian model work?
2-I searched in two-phase two-fluid model literature and there is mostly no solution of two-phase two-fluid model in 2dimension for stratified or slug flow. Because the interface position as one boundary (moving boundary) is not clear meanwhile the solution. So how does Eulerian model solve problems in 2 or 3dimension?????

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