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chmurillor October 21, 2013 04:47

DPM Breakup Model
Hi everybody!

I am trying to model the transient injection of gas that causes the dispersion of solid particles whose initial velocity is 0 m/s. The gas will lift the solid particles and will reduce its pressure and velocity during the dispersion process.

The particles are fragmented dutring the dispersion process. So I included the breakup Wave model.

When I don't use the breakup model the convergence is very good, but, if I activate it the calculation diverges after 9 ms. However, it is necessary to include the particles fragmentation in the simulation.

This is some information about my simulation:

Boundary conditions: Velocity inlet with varying profile and pressure outlet with fixed value
Fluent V13
Turbulence model: RANS RSM and LES
Iterations/Time step: 40

Particle size: Between 26 and 86 Ám (600000 particles aprox with Rosin-Rammler distribution)
Number of mesh elements: 483188
Minimum element size: 8.5e-4 m
Maximum element size: 3.0e-3 m

fluent time step: 1 ms
Solid particles time step: 0.01 Ás

Please, give me your comments and suggestions


LoUcAsss October 24, 2013 05:21

Hello Carlos,

Did you try to set a lower Time Steps and a higher number of iterations/time step?



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