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Venk October 23, 2013 08:08

Spray with Eulerian Wall Film model
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Hello everyone,
Please see the attached image. The spray (water) impinges on the walls of vessel, and starts to entrain air inside the vessel. The entrained air that esaceps through the annular gap between the two vessels should shear the water film and thus cause leakage. The objective is to calculate the leakage of water through the gap between the vessels.
I have set up the spray setting for a solid cone, through DPM & Injection. I have enabled Eulerian Wall Film model although not entirely sure of what is gives me. For all the walls, the DPM boundary condition is wall film (not escape or trap or reflect) with zero splashing, and enabled Eulerian Wall Film.
Please can any one suggest if I am going in the right direction.
I am not too sure as to how many particles I should inject. I know the mass flow, velocity of the nozzle, spray cone angle etc.
Please pour in your thoughts and any suggestions to improve the model set up accuracy will be appreciated!

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