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nb92 February 28, 2014 10:36

2D VOF Droplet evaporation model. Multi-component problem
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I am using Fluent 14 for a 2D VOF simulation, modelling a droplet impact on a heated surface.
I consider the domain to be a cylinder which contains air. The temperature of the air and the cylinder base are equal. The droplet is a solution of a polymer dissolved in water. It enters the system at ambient temperature and as it falls, the water component starts to evaporate. The droplet impacts the cylinder base and spreads; it continues to evaporate whilst on the surface.
The droplet solution has been added to the initial mesh using a region adaption.
I need to account for water evaporation from the droplet due to heat transfer between the droplet and air and the air and the cylinder base.

I have simulated the impact without mass and heat transfer to date. Attached is a jpeg showing the domain with a droplet of the solution. Please see 'Annotated droplet phase image.jpg'

So could anyone tell me how to account for the droplet containing 2 components (water and polymer) in order to model evaporation of water from the solution?

If you need any more information please ask.


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