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Tilman Stoehr March 31, 2014 09:10

Fall, impact and flow of a waterdrop
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I'm trying to model a drop of water surrounded by air, which is falling down on a slope. I am using the VOF-Model and have been successful concerning the part where the drop is falling. My problem is, that the drop shatters into pieces at impact. I have tried a lot to get rid of this problem, but it didn't work out. Does anyone of you have any experience with that sort of problem? I'd be grateful for any help you could give me!

My Simulation is set up as follows:


Solver: Pressure-Based; Time: Transient

VOF: Expilcit;Implicit Body Force


k-omega; SST


Water and Air; Surface Tension 73.5 dyn/cm; Continuum Surface Stress; Wall Adhesion

Bottom: No Slip; Roughness Hight: 0.001mm; -Constant: 0.5; Contact Angele 75deg

Solution Methode:

Simplec; Skewness Correction: 0; Gradient: Green-Gauss Node Based; Pressure: Presto; Momentum: Second Order Upwind; Volume Fraction: Geo-Reconstruct; Rest: First Order Upwind

Solution Controls:

Run Calculation:
Time Stepping: Variable; Global Courant Number: 0.5

Attached you'll find a few pictures...

Anybody any idea? Thanks in advance.


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