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Hershey June 2, 2014 20:59

Pressure contours in two compressible phase flow

I am currently working on a two-phase VOF model which involves air (ideal gas) modeled as an ideal gas and a mixture phase that includes reactions.

The mixture phase generates several products which alter the mixture density as specified by a UDF I have created that is both temperature and pressure dependent.

The solution has converged and the temperature and density profiles generated are what I expect, which is great.

Unfortunately, when I look at the static pressure contours, the pressure remains at 101325 Pa.

My geometry is a box with an open top (pressure outlet) and no-slip walls. The pressure for the outlet is set to 101325 Pa and the operating pressure is 0 Pa.

I have read through the Theory Guide, User Guide and other threads on this forum to understand how pressure is being calculated. It makes no sense to me that the contours remain the same for the entire duration.

Does anybody have a suggestion to this? Is modeling two compressible phases not allowed. Also, how can I be sure that my UDF (a function of P and T) is considered compressible by Fluent?

Thank you,


Hershey June 6, 2014 07:41

Nevermind on my post. It turns out that I was looking for a problem that did not exist. The static pressure was solved correctly, although it I did not expect these results as it is a new problem setup.

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