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air_fun June 18, 2014 14:06

How is the accuracy using VOF (pressure based solver) on supersonic flow

I am beginning to start fluent again after 3 years not touching CFD (attending grad school now).

I am going to simulate a multiphase flow, and had some suggestion to use VoF, which I know is a pressure based solver and commonly used in incompressible flow (judging from the papers I read that the cases are mainly incompressible ones).

My problem is my simulation flow is in the compressible regime (supersonic) which to my knowledge traditionally is solved using density based solver. And VoF cant be used in density based solver (at least at in fluent). I read a few threads saying that the pressure solver and density solver know has been developed to be capable to simulate incompressible and compressible.

I guess my question is: does anyone has experience how bad is the accuracy of supersonic flow using pressure based solver? is it still reasonable?
If not, is there any advice for me on how should i approach my simulation?


HHK_1702 August 25, 2021 01:59

I have the same question at the moment, some people are saying that pressure-based solvers work for weakly compressible flow.

I'd like to know whether this is true and in this case how a weakly compressible flow is defined.

Thanks in advance.

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