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Hossein1 June 22, 2015 15:44

Droplet particle collision
Hello friends,

I need to model a collision between a solid particle and a falling droplet. Based on existing experimental results after collision, particle start penetrating into droplet and create a very thin liquid film in shape of a hallow truncated cone around particle which is called lamella (whole the collision and lamella formation happens very fast ~ 1 ms)

My alternative softwares for simulation are Fluent, OpenFoam, Comsol and Gerris. I'd like to get a piece of advice from you to know which of these softwares is more suitable for simulating this phenomenon (i.e. is able to predict lamella formation and its geometry more accurately)

Here is some complementary information:

- Droplet diameter is 2.8 mm and particle diameter is 2.0 mm
- Droplet is falling by gravity and its velocity at collision is 0.8 m/s
- Particle is moving horizontally with 8.0 m/s
- Drop is water and particle density is 1050 kg/m3

I'm looking forward to hearing your helpful comments.
Many thanks,

chaada August 17, 2015 09:29


Maybe you could try use DPM ou DDPM particles for both solid and water droplets and turn on the options Collision and Coalescence in the Physical models window.

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