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amitray March 3, 2017 07:06

Airlift Modelling
I am modelling an AirLift where I need to pass compressed air through a pipe to lift water in the vertical pipe as shown in diagram. Water will rise due to density difference. I have not drawn correctly but itís a U tube type at the bottom. I have modelled everything and have all the required data but I am stuck up at one place that is at the bottom of the vertical Pipe where I have to give some velocity and pressure. As it is transient simulation initially velocity will be zero. But as time progresses velocity and pressure at that place will change and from the tank the liquid will pass through that pipe. I have not modelled the entire domain but just part of that to save computational time. I want to know what boundary condition I can give at that place where water will enter just near the air inlet as shown in the diagram. Kindly help.

Image link Here

chniranjanreddy August 24, 2017 11:31

Hi Amit, I am currently working on this problem. I am also facing the similar problem with the specification of boundary condition at the vertical pipe bottom inlet for water phase. Could you help me if you have made any progress? Thanks-Niranjan

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