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L.Akgul January 25, 2019 07:26

Continuity Convergence Problem Steady Evaporation Flow
Hi everyone:)

For my thesis, I try to perform the evaporation analysis of freon gas in a volume. Freon enters into a hot vessel(a little complex geometry vessel) as a compressed liquid, evaporates in the container and exits the outlet. But i can not maintain convergence of continuity equation. My goal is total heat transfer rate on steady state.

I use multiphase, vof, evoparation lee model, energy on, k epsilon realizable, enhanced wall threatment with thermal effect.

Coupled,body force weighted, second order, pseudo transient methods, energy relaxation factor is 0.95.

But continuity residual doesn't decrease 10^-2. its not fluctuating but its not converge. i check fluxes report of inlet outlet mass flow rate, near %30 difference between inlet and outlet.

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