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mmengineer March 27, 2020 12:47

bridge in flood simulation - open channel
Hello everyone,
im quite new to CFD and im trying to simulate a flood situation with a bridge in the flood stream. I am using the open channel wave bc option with steady state conditions and i am regulating the stream depth via the wave bc free surface option. As results of the project i am hoping to get valid (water) force or pressure values that resist of the streaming water on the bridge surface.
My question is if anyone has tried to do something similar and knows if i am on the right way to my solution. I already got simulations with results that worked, but i am not quite sure if i chose the right method for the results i am looking for.
Thanks for every help i can get.
If needed i can upload screenshots of my geometry or setup.

mmengineer March 27, 2020 13:09

i am doing a 3D simulation by the way

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