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Rajkool March 30, 2020 08:45

Gui-monitor-residuals: Uninitialized flow field
Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well.

I have a problem with the solution of Fluent. I have given a Steady with 500 iterations and then with Transient with 200-time steps with a step size 0.1.

I left the computer as it takes a lot of time. But, when I opened the fluent in next day. The fluent was closed. (I have chosen the Autosave option ).

So, I opened the solution and tried to open the residual files, I ended up with the following error "Error: GUI-monitor-residuals: Uninitialized flow field".

I have enough disk space. I don't want to run the solution once again, please let me know if someone could help me on this?

Thank you in advance.

vinerm March 30, 2020 09:05

Residuals and Files
There is nothing called a residuals file in Fluent. If autosave was enabled, you can start Fluent from Solution and then load the case file and the latest data file. Otherwise, open Fluent outside WB and then load the case file and latest data file. If there is not data file written, then, I am afraid, you have to run the simulation again.

Rajkool March 30, 2020 15:53

Missing dat file
I have used the Autosave option, with Save upon Modified and retain the recent file option.

I have the recent file according to the naming.

For eg, I have file 02-19-0300.dat.gz but the fluent is asking for 2-19-0100 which I could not find in Directory.

vinerm March 30, 2020 15:55

Data File
Load 0300 because that is even later than 0100. From there onward, you can continue with the run.

Rajkool March 30, 2020 16:03

Thank you. I have tried it, it worked.

But, out of curiosity. I just want to know why is fluent asking for the file which is not in the directory.

vinerm March 30, 2020 17:01

Data File
Within WB, all the listings are stored in a .xml file. This has 0100 stored in it, therefore, Fluent expects this file to be read.

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