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tuan10ca1 July 3, 2020 08:11

Using Channel wave BC for '' wave tank ''
I am new to Ansys fluent. I try to create a simple wave by using Channel wave BC. However, the result of 'velocity x' comparing with the reference paper was incorrect. I attach a picture which contains result correctly and myself:
file setup and picture:

This is the general setup of my model:
+general: time transient, gravity Y = -9.81
+ Models: Multiphase:2phase, VOF, open channel flow, open channel wave BC, Implicit; Viscous: Laminar
+ Materials: air and water, surface tension:0.073
+boundary condition: Inlet: open channel wave->shallow/ intermediate waves-> free surface/bottom:0.5/0-> wave hight/wavelength 0.14/1.02-> stoke 2nd; Pressure outlet: open channel-> free surface/bottom:0.5/0.
+Cell zone codition --> multiphase -> numerical beach treatment -->compute from:Inlet
+mehtod: PISO
+ Initializaltion: Hybrid initializtion -> computer from: inlet-> openchannel initialization method: flat
+ Run calculation: time step size 0.01, number of time step: 2000, Max interation/time step 10

Can help me know where I'm wrong?

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