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abc197 July 30, 2020 19:16

Gas solid counter-current flow in a horizontal pipe
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Dear friends,

I am working on gas-solid mixing in a horizontal pipe. Both are flowing in countercurrent manner. Its a turbulent multiphase flow with gas being primary phase. I ma using transient Eulerian granular flow model. One end cross-section of pipe has been divided into two parts, one for gas inlet, while other for solids outlet. Similarly, other end cross-section of pipe are divided into gas outlet and solid inlet. Using velocity inlets for both inlets since I know velocities and mass flow rates of gas & solids. Using pressure outlets for both outlets.

Main issue I am facing here is that both solids and gas are trying to move out from both outlets. And since solid inlet & gas outlet lying on one face together. It results in highly impractical streamlines patterns. Each phase has a separate outlet. Experimentally also phases should go separate ways. There seems to be no provision for phase based outlet. I appreciate any suggestions. Attaching the domain.

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