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deligidi September 1, 2020 13:52

DPM Material Creation

Im trying to model spray combustion in ANSYS fluent 2019 R3.

As such, im using an Eulerian - Lagrangian approach, having a continuous phase for air, and a dispersed one for the spray.

I have Energy activated, but not Radiation. Im using the Species transfer option, with the Finite Rate/Eddy dissipation model, along with the realisable k - ε for turbulence. (plus DPM, obviously).

My question is this:

My dpm material should be a mixture of 3 species, ZP, ethanol and propanol.
All are initially injected as liquid, and all have a reaction defined for them.

Do i define a different material for their liquid and gas form (as to account for evaporation)?

And if so, do i need to define their reaction (combustion) two times, once for liquid reactant and once for gaseous one?

Any help is greatly appreciated

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