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yuanyeyzygo May 13, 2012 13:44

Problem in "grid motion"
I want to simulate about a kind of airfoil in the fluent. the motion of this airfoil is flexible. So i am told that the "rigid body" cannot be used. So i use the user defined and use the function of "define grid motion".But i can hardly see the wall moved when i click the display zone motion.
please help me.
here is my udf file.and that is my only udf files, did i need to use another function to identify the "THREAD"????

help me~~~

#include "udf.h"
#include "dynamesh_tools.h"

DEFINE_GRID_MOTION(udf, domain, dt, time, dtime)
face_t f;
Thread *tf; /* pointer to a thread*/
real NV_VEC (omega), NV_VEC (axis), NV_VEC (dx);
real NV_VEC (origin), NV_VEC (rvec);
int n;
Node *v;
real sign,x,y,z,p;

/* set deforming flags */

sign = sin (time);

Message ("time = %f, omega = %f\n", time, sign);

NV_S (omega, =, 0.0);
NV_D (axis, =, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0);
NV_D (origin, =, 0.0, 0.0, 0.152);
begin_f_loop (f, tf)
f_node_loop (f, tf, n)
v = F_NODE (f, tf, n);

y =sign *(0.01*x+3.8*sin(0.3768*x)+3.5+2*cos(0.5652*x));
NV_VV (rvec, =, NODE_COORD (v), -, origin);
NV_S (dx, *=, dtime);
NV_V (NODE_COORD (v), +=, dx);

end_f_loop (f, tf);

yuanyeyzygo May 13, 2012 13:48

please help me ~~~

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