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Hugh_TU June 25, 2012 17:07

UDF and Scheme Programming
Hi, guys.

I met a problem that I dont know how to connect the two things together.

1. As far as I know, doesn't matter Ansys/fluent or fluent 6.3 doee not included Macrospoic Particle Model (MPM). If you want it, you have to pay for extral money.

2. Personally, if one wants to develope his "MPM", how can he incorporate his code into Ansys/fluent or Old Fluent?

3. From the Introduction of MPM by Ansys Inc., they mentioned that the user interface (or GUI) was programmed by Scheme Language. So, does that means, if one wants to develope whaterver moders, then incorporate into Fluent ? What does he needd to do?

4. Does task 3 can be achieved by only specifi UDF in Ansys/Fluent?

Thanks in advance for your guys replies!!!

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