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diamondx July 10, 2012 13:49

Modify velocity profil using udf or without
hello everyone,
I wanna know if this is possible using Fluent:
Can we force fluent to change a velocity profil and make it more look like this:
What i'm trying to do is actually to simulate the presence of plasma actuators...
Thanks a lot for advance.
More about plasma actuators are here:
I know fluent is made to solve navier-stockes equations, i majoring in fluif mechanics, my knowledge in electricity is very limited. What do i need to simulate actuator ? maxwel equations ??? can we implement them via UDF ??
Thanks a lot again

flotus1 July 10, 2012 16:27

Defining velocity profiles with a UDF is quite easy.
The UDF manual has all the information you need.

Concerning the plasma actuators: this is the first time I heard of this, but as far as I can see, it simply introduces a momentum source to the fluid.
Again, such a source can be modeled with a UDF (search for DEFINE_SOURCE in the manual)

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