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GerardX89 July 16, 2012 10:15

UDF to set velocity and pressure in inlet
Hello everybody,

I want to set velocity and pressure at the same inlet,
does anyone knows how can I do that?
I tried using Pressure inlet and try to set it as the Fluent tutorial manual said
into the modelling cavitation chapter:
"Step 6: Boundary Conditions
(a) Set the conditions for the mixture.
−→Boundary Conditions...
i. In the Boundary Conditions panel, keep the default selection of mixture in the Phase drop-down list and click Set....
ii. Enter 500000 for the Gauge Total Pressure. iii. Enter 449000 for the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure.
If you choose to initialize the solution based on the pressure-inlet conditions, the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure will be used in conjunction with the specified stagnation pressure (the Gauge Total Pressure) to compute initial values according to the isentropic relations (for compressible flow) or Bernoulliís equation (for incompressible flow). Otherwise, in an incompressible flow calculation, the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure input will be ignored by FLUENT. In this problem the velocity will be initialized based on the difference between these two values."

So I tried to use the Supersonic/Initial Gauge Pressure to set the velocity but it's not working. It seems to be ignored by FLuent.

I read that somebody may used a UDF to do that.
Can anyone please tell me how to do that or give to me a template so that I can have something to start working with?

Thanks in advance for your Help

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