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LukeFullard August 13, 2012 05:52

Transient boundary conditions changing type over time
Hi, I have a question regarding the setting of boundaries via a UDF.

Suppose at time t0 I set a certain boundary to be a wall. Can I write a UDF which at time t1 changes that boundary to an inlet with a certain flow rate?

My guess is that is possible, however, I have a follow up question which is more difficult.

Suppose I have a closed domain except we have one inlet, the rest of the boundaries are set to walls. Is it possible to have the position of the inlet changing smoothly with time? For example, imagine a box which we are pumping fluid in on the left side, then slowly move the inlet to the right side of the box?

My feeling is this is very difficult, but is it possible in Fluent?

Finally, is this possible in Polyflow?

Thanks for your help :)

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