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diamondx August 20, 2012 10:29

Question about udf. can we do it.
Good morning/evening:
Can i affect the velocity profil along y-direction using UDF.
I'm aware that we can customize the velocity profil in a boundary condition, for example if we want a parabolic profil for the velocity in a duct, but can i do that inside the duct ? Some of you may wanna know why.
I'm actually trying to simulate plasma, i tried placing source term next to the wall to get a velocity not equal to zero. and now i wanna do that by changing the velocity profil, is it possible ?

blackmask August 21, 2012 01:35

Yes, you can. Consult to the fluent UDF manual and look at the related sections on DEFINE_ADJUST and DEFINE_EXEC_AT_END.

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