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n7310889 September 11, 2012 03:32

parse error in UDF
To calculate radiation loss from wall boundary of a fluid domain, I have used following code in my macro:
Domain *d =Get_Domain(1);

real x[ND_ND];
real r,theta,angle;
real temp_glass, temp_wall, rad_loss_coefficient, rad_loss, irradiation_factor, input_heat_flux;
face_t f;
Thread *t0 =Lookup_Thread(d,9);


temp_wall =F_T(f,t0);
temp_glass =

rad_loss_coefficient =6.1803exp(-6)/(109+3430*CARMET_EMISSIVITY);
rad_loss =rad_loss_constant*(pow(T_wall,4)-pow(T_glass,4));

However, always fluent shows parse error in the blue line. I don't understand whats going wrong. The attached is the complete UDF.
Could you please help me to sort out the bug.
Thanks a lot

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