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dsfakianakis September 17, 2012 15:02

Defining transient external Black Body Temperature Method
Hello guys and girls,

I am currently performing a transient simulation of a room subjected to the outdoor weather conditions (air surrounding the room is modeled too). When setting up the boundary conditions for my inlet surface, under the radiation tab there is an option to define the "External Black Body Temperature method" which in simple words is the temperature of the sky vault which will be used for the radiation exchange between the wall and the sky (S2S radiation model used). Fluent allows you to define a different temperature than the boundary condition temperature however it doesn't allow you hook a UDF and change that temperature with time.

Does anybody have any clue on how I can define a transient black body temperature or in different words, how to define a transient parameter when fluent doesn't give me the option to hook a UDF?

Kind regards,


sewgolam May 10, 2017 12:50

external black body radiation method

my name is ronnie ad i'm working on solar reactor.i have a ractangular geometry.i want to add radiation at the inlet from mirror that concentrated the solar radiation.i do not model the mirror but only the radiation at th inlet.can anybody help me how to inplement this and of the external black body radiation method is the right option to used,


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