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godon October 15, 2012 08:04

Mixture of the same fluid from 2 inlets
Hi, i'm new using FLUENT, and i'm working with a model with two inlets and two outlets, with one single fluid in steady state. I need to calculate the mixture rate from both inlets on each outlet (for ex. outlet 1 has 40% coming from inlet 1 and 60% from inlet 2, and so on). The only thing i can do so far is display pathlines colored by surface ID, which gives me a qualitative idea, but not quantitative.
I thought of defining 2 fluids of the same properties (one for each inlet) but I don't know how to indicate it in the boundary conditions from the velocity inlets. Another option would be to inject particles in one of the inlets, or even define a mixture model with a practically nule diffusion coefficient, but I think this would be way too complex for what I really need (it should be easier...)

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