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ali hemmati October 27, 2012 11:24

[URGENT] Drag Force UDF in Power-Law Fluid

I am going to simulate the behaviour of micron-sized particles in an non-Newtonian fluid medium. In fact, the flow viscosity follows the "power-law". I know that "DEFINE_DPM_DRAG(Drag_force,Re,p)" can pass the force per mass of each particle to Fluent, and that the returned valuee must be in form of "18*Cd*Re/24".

As you know, in powerlaw fluid, Re is defined as Re = \rho V^{2-n} d^{n} / m , and d being the particle diameter and m the "consistency index".

The problem is, how does Fluent define Re number? Does Fluent think of Newtonian Re or this definition of Re? Should I pass this Re in "18*Cd*Re/24" or the Newtonian Re?

Thank you!

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