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villager November 17, 2012 16:28

2D looping over cells or faces
1) I can't loop over cells or faces in 2D Fluent Case. Is it possible?

In this example, program works until line "begin_f_loop", where error happens: segmentation fault.

If it is important, I use parallel udf (lnamd64 arch).


#include "udf.h"

Domain *domain;
domain = Get_Domain(1);
face_t f;
Thread * f_thread;
thread_loop_f(f_thread, domain) /*loops over all face threads in domain*/
    Message("f_thread %d\n",*f_thread);

    begin_f_loop(f, f_thread)
    end_f_loop(f, f_thread)


2) I need to change net molar reaction rates in fluid zone, DEFINE_NET_REACTION_RATE doesn't provide possibility to get net rates just to change them m-times (I need smth like that: rr[i]=rr[i]*m). Is there any way to access net rates, calculated by FLUENT and to modify them?

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