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ijk December 11, 2012 10:23

define profile with multiple threads
Hi all,

I have a domain with a couple of cell threads. I would like to firstly work out the average temperature in one of the threads by looping over the cells.

Then I would like to use that temperature to set the temperature at an inlet face in my domain.

I tried to do both steps in one define_profile. Define_profile is passed a thread from the solver. If I use the profile on my inlet face then the solver passes the inlet face thread. I tried to bring in the cell thread using
Lookup_Thread but I'm having problems.

Is it possible to do both steps in the one define_profile macro?

msaeedsadeghi December 16, 2012 01:23

You should define two threads into that DEFINE_PROFILE, store the thread information into a variable, then call it into the equation of the Profile thread. I have done that before.

ijk December 17, 2012 04:43

Thanks Saeed

samcfd March 1, 2013 00:56

2D airfoil O Grid- negative volume

I'm carrying out a 2D pitching airfoil simulation using dynamic meshing with a "O" Grid. The dynamic conditions i have given were
1) airfoil - rigid body with UDF with pitching over X=0.25
2)interior - deforming with the min and max length scale from zone scale info
3) fluid -deforming with the min and max length scale from zone scale info.

The spring constant i gave was 0.001 and
convergence tolerance 0.0001
No of iterations 150.

The time step tat i used is 0.001.

After running the iterations and after about 500 time steps i'm getting the following error

negative volume detected
dynamic mesh update failed.
i have worked around with the spring constant and also with the time step nothing worked.
could someone help me out rectify this issue..
thanks in advance,

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