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danielet82 January 9, 2013 11:12

mass fraction gradient macro error
Hi there guys,

in my case, I am trying to define a mass transfer coefficient with the following DEFINE macro:

DEFINE_MASS_TRANSFER(liq_gas_source, cell, thread, from_index, from_species_index, to_index, to_species_index)

Inside the UDF I need to define the gradient of the mass fraction of a species with...:


When I try to interpret the UDF the next error message appears:

Error: C:/Users/Dani/AppData/Local/Temp/mass_trans_rate.c.7.c: line 14: t: undeclared variable

I think that the fact that "t" doesn't appear in "DEFINE_MASS_TRANSFER(liq_gas_source, cell, thread, from_index, from_species_index, to_index, to_species_index)" has something to do with it.

Does anybody know how can I fix it.

Thanks in advance :):):)


msaeedsadeghi January 10, 2013 02:55

Do not use C_YI_G(c,t,i), change the parametersk c,t,i to cell, thread and ...

danielet82 January 10, 2013 05:10

wow, you're the best. It works. I mean no error message appears when it comes to interpret it and you can select it in the UDF list.

The problem arises when it comes to initialize the solution in order to run the solver. The next message appears:

"999999 (..\src\mpsystem.c@1149): mpt_read: failed: errno = 10054

999999: mpt_read: error: read failed trying to read 4 bytes: No such file or directory
MPI Application rank 0 exited before MPI_Finalize() with status -1073741819
The Parallel FLUENT process could not be started. "

Any hint or idea????

msaeedsadeghi January 10, 2013 05:11

have you enabled saving gradiants?

danielet82 January 10, 2013 05:54

ummmmm nope. Do I have to do that with a text command??



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