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epc1 January 21, 2013 01:17

Mass source UDF

Im trying to make a UDF to define a mass source term for the continuity equation that includes the net production of mass(or destruction due to chemical reactions)) in my problem. The reactions are included in the reaction panel, and the rates are modified via another udf. I know that it is not necessary to include the overall source term in the continuity equation, since the overall production of mass due to the reactions is zero.

Is there a way to access the rates defined in my other udf to formulate the mass source udf? I have tried via the extern variables, however when i set a memory to monitor the value of the mass source term, it appears that its not taking the correct value.

Another thing is that the fluent user guide mentions that if you create a mass source term, you also have to create a momentum, and energy source term. Would that still be neccesary in this case?
Thanks in advance.

Abhya January 24, 2013 10:24

whether u have to define a source term for momentum or energy equation depends on the function u use. eg: define_mass_transfer doesnt need mom,energy source terms separately if u define mas term...but define_source does req.. as far as i remember..Im a noob to this btw :D
check out the user manual for the specific function in udf u r using

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