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beer January 23, 2013 16:09


I would like to compute the Level-Set-Function in Fluent without using the Level-Set-Method in the GUI. I thought I could use the Macro Domain_LSF_Signed_Distance(Domain *domain, Svar sv_lsf)
given in the Source "sg_ls.h".If the LSF is not activated, SV_LSF won't be allocated. So I tried to write the LSF on a UDS.
It looked like this.
Domain_LSF_Signed_Distance(domain, SV_UDS_5)
It actually worked one time, but after that I got this Message:
CX_Start_Tree(): Can't cache (3901, 195)
Does anybody know how I could deal with this? I'm running out of ideas and I would really appreciate any help.


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