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sourav March 28, 2013 23:46

Liquid and Solid properties in Condensation and solidification
Dear CFD Users,

This is really a nice initiative to help and share knowledge among the users in the world of CFD.

I have been dealing a specific problem in simulating condensation of Magnesium vapour. I need to simulate the phase change from Mg vapor to molten liquid and then to solid Mg.

I have found that fluent does not allow different solid & liquid phase properties (such as conductivity, specific heat capacity). However, the rate of condensation and the associated heat transfer is surely going to be affected by this. I can only use the VOF model, as it a multiphase problem, as I have other gases (non-condensing) and other condensing gases (which are also needed to be tracked), in the system.

My system is low pressure (Around 10-100 mbar) and deals with a wide range of temperature (from 300-2500K).
I want to know, how this problem can be tackled by writing UDF, specially is it possible to track condensation and solidification of two or more different types of elemental vapors phases. Can anyone of you, provide a sample UDF file, in this regard.

I really want it to be done in Fluent, as there is a lot of fluid flow dynamics and conjugated heat transfer before this condensation step, and that is really helpful.

Kindly help.

Thanks and Regards for your kind co-operation :confused:

vasava April 2, 2013 08:13

I suggest you do not use VOF and instead use 'species transport model'.

If I am not wrong VOF in fluent can not be coupled with any other type of flow phenomena e.g. reaction. The species transport model allows you to to define materials and use them for reaction etc. You may refer to the tutorial titled Modeling Surface Chemistry in fluent.

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