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taekyu8 April 1, 2013 23:18

surface reaction UDF
I compiled UDF for surface reaction and I selected it in the User-De ned Function Hooks panel; however, I donot see any reaction rate that I compiled.
How can I use the compiled surface reaction?

Because it is surface reaction, I think I should see this reaction from the boundary condition, but I just see the reaction from the species tap. It connects the surface reaction mechanism, which is not the reaction that I compiled.

In addition, what is the NUM_SPECS?

for example, I saw it from the UDF manual

/* Species numbers. Must match order in Fluent panel */
#define HF 0
#define WF6 1
#define H2O 2
#define NUM_SPECS 3

I saw many people use this NUM_SPECS in surface reaction UDF. I can not find this material from the fluid list.

Thanks June 16, 2013 03:23

the same problem
Hi taekyu8,my problem is similar with the first part of your problem,inspite of compiling and hooking my suface reaction rate udf,I can't see it in the material panel,
Is your problem has been solved?
I hope your sucess reply.thanks in advanc.

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