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stefanos April 12, 2013 07:46

VOF - water entry problem
Dear community,

I am simulating several 2D water entry cases with the VOF method.
I have managed to run both the CG_MOTION udf and the SDOF_properties dynamic mesh udfs for several wall shapes, masses, etc.
Up to now i get quite good results regarding the expected pressures around the wall and the motion of the wall, as well. However, according to nature, i have been expecting some splashing/jetting structures of the water around the wall, during the impact timesteps, at least. Instead, the water rapidly climbs on the wetted surface (see picture), as if the mass of the water domain isn't affected, actually.


I would like to ask if this has to do with the k-ε averaging (which indeed, reduces the possibillity for depicture of disturbed flow structures) or the VOF volume fraction parameterization, or such disturbancies fundamentally can not be tracked by this method?



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