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benjamin_ May 29, 2013 02:46

Fluent & N_UDMI
Hello everybody

I'm experiencing difficulties to correctly use N_UDMI's.

I have my UDF which writes on some mesh nodes UDMI's.
Still with Fluent opened, I can see the values of my N_UDMIS (by ploting their contours).

So I save *.case and *.data

But when I close Fluent and when I re-open the *.case and *.data, my UDMI's are still declared, but all their values are reset to 0.

I dont understand the issue...

Maybe related, when I open the *.case and *.data , I have this message displayed :

Allocated User-Defined Node Memory (10 locations) does not match data file (16 locations) !

which I dont undestand because I only declare 10 UDMI's

benjamin_ May 29, 2013 03:11

OK , I just realize that I only use 9 N_UDMI's in my UDF, so I only have to declare 9 UDMI !!

Quiet surprising we necessarily have to declare the exact number of UDMI's we use !

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