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Jovana May 29, 2013 04:30

Values in UDF
Hey guys!

At the DEFINE DPM OUTPUT macro I notice that the passed variable header is an integer that is equal to 1 at the first call of the function before particles are tracked and set to 0 for subsequent calls.

Now, I would like to use PATH_ACTIVE and PATH_ABORT in my UDF DEFINE DPM BC.
How ever I am not sure I understand what are the values for this commands? 0, 1,...

Depending form this values I would know how to call if (PATH_ABORT) for example...

Thanks and regards!

JimKnopf May 29, 2013 09:10

Hi Jovana,

not sure which programm are you talking about, Fluent?

But in Fluent, the DEFINE_DPM_OUTPUT Macro should be use to do some output to the hard drive. So you can use the 1 to call some code to write a file header via a if statement like:

 fprintf(fid,"This is a file Header");

In general in C a 0 is equal to boolean false and a 1 is equal to a boolean true.

Anyways, if the macro PATH_ACTIVE is a interger you can just call


HTH, else please specify the problem.


Jovana June 19, 2013 07:05

Thanks for reply Jim, but what I meant, and sorry for misleading was...

The part of my code in DEFINE_BC is:

if (a>b)
return PATH_ABORT;

What from this two (PATH_ACTIVE/PATH_ABORT) is TRUE and what is FALSE?What are their values?How Fluent see this?


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