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saayo3 June 23, 2013 11:38

Linux commands to define boundary conditions at velocity-inlet & wall boundaries
Good day, everyone,

I am using a concatenated udf to define (i). flow profiles at velocity-inlet boundary named 'inlet, & (ii). profile for Roughness Constant, Cs, on the floor boundary named 'wall-floor' of a domain.

The program is to be sent from my windows PC to a remote Linux system.

I have written the following journal file to compile & load the udf, and define & initialize conditions at the velocity-inlet & wall boundaries:

file/read-case fluent.cas
define/user-defined/compiled-functions compile
"inlet.c" "" ""
define/user-defined/compiled-functions load
define/boundary-conditions/velocity-inlet inlet no no yes yes yes yes "udf" "inlet_x_velocity::libudf" no 0 yes yes yes "udf" "k_profile::libudf" yes yes "udf" "dissip_profile::libudf"
define/boundary-conditions/wall wall-floor no no no 0.211 yes yes "udf" "Cs::libudf"
solve/iterate 5000
file/binary-files n
file/confirm-overwrite n
file/write-data fluent.dat

But I continued to get the following error message each time I tried to run the program:

"Warning: An error or interrupt occurred while reading the journal file. Some commands may not have been completed.

> Halting due to end of file on input".

Please, could someone, kindly, help me point out the error(s) and edit the journal file as appropriate.

Thanks so much, in anticipation of the kind gesture.


Hershey June 29, 2013 12:33

I would suggest stepping through your journal file manually and seeing if the commands you are issuing in the journal file are exactly as FLUENT is asking for.

I usually encounter a problem like this when my journal file doesn't anticipate an extra "yes" or "no" input and thus my journal file keeps running until the end without giving proper instructions to FLUENT.

Your journal file is not long at all, so just start FLUENT and type in each line one at a time. If there are any discrepancies, then correct them.

My guess is that the confirm overwrite command is giving you issues if there is no file that needs to be overwritten.

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