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rayan24 July 29, 2013 12:36

impose same velocity at inlet
I want to impose by UDF a same velocity profile in 3 inlets, but i don't get same velocity in the 3 inlets apparently i impose my profile in function of the distance r!!

how can i impose my velocity profile in the "surface" of inlet to get samevelocity please??

my udf is :
include "udf.h"

{ real x[ND_ND]=3;
real r;
face_t f;
{ F_CENTROID(x,f,t);
r = x[0];
F_PROFILE(f,t,i) = -((0.0431*pow(r,3))-(0.3857*pow(r,2))+(0.3129*r)+8.8045);
} end_f_loop(f,t)

flotus1 July 29, 2013 14:14

Apparently, you are using the absolute value of the x-coordinate for each of the 3 inlets. If they dont have identical position, the velocity will be different.
I already tried to point this out in your last thread concerning this topic;)

Additionally, "real x[ND_ND]=3;" is some kind of strange.
You initialize the value 3 to the variable x here, which makes no sense as it is overwritten anyway. Use "real x[ND_ND];" instead.

rayan24 July 30, 2013 03:02

Thanks Alex for your replay,

I confirme that the inlets are diffrents coordinate of X, so how can i specify this difference in UDF please

flotus1 July 30, 2013 03:12

Write 3 similar UDFs and shift the coordinate to match the "local" coordinate system of each inlet.
Change the variable "offset" so that r actually becomes the distance (I suppose distance from the wall?) in each inlet.

r = x[0]-offset;
If you are having trouble with this, we will need a sketch of your setup and the velocity profiles you want in order to give further advice.

rayan24 July 30, 2013 03:26

Thank you very much Alex that's what I did :), I needed your confirmation! its OK:p

but in the results of simulation I feel that the velocity is not properly difffuse ? (i use RSM model) do you have an idea ?

flotus1 July 30, 2013 04:07

I dont know what you mean by "the velocity is not properly diffuse".

rayan24 July 30, 2013 04:53

It's okay, it was just a display problem :)

Thank you Alex for your answers and help

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