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magic0801 September 28, 2013 11:05

UDF for improved coal devolatilization model in fluent(devolatilization )
Recently I use Fluent to simulate coal gasification under hydrogen atomosphere with the EDC model taking detailed reactions into account.

However, the volatile is thought as one compound named COAL-HV in the default CPD model embedded in Fluent, in fact it composes of several simple components(H2, CH4,CO CO2, H2O etc.).

I want to know how to write a UDF to divide volatile into detailed components? Furthermore, the FG-DVC model and FLASHCHAIN model also can predict the detailed species in the volatile matters. The above two model is not available in the FLUENT software, and UDFs is needed to implement the model.
Any suggestions will be very helpful...

Thank you very much in advance...

PLS share yr UDFs with me

nmanic July 6, 2016 04:16

If You didn't find solution yet, just to inform You that I'm dealing with the same simulations and I will try to incorporate FG-DVC model through UDF.
I will inform You about my progress.

Also if someone already done something in this field it would be very nice to share with us.

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