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matiashess November 15, 2013 17:23

problems with mass flow in DPM
Good day, I'm having problems with my udf, which is seeking to initialize the injection of particles to the domain. It has a loop with the condition that if the time is less than ... mass flow is zero , after some time this flow will have the assigned value.

The problems are as follows:

- First, in each iteration a constant number of particles will be injected that correspond to the number of faces of the elements of the input ( I can change this? how? ) .

- Second, the loop under the condition that the time is less than ... the mass flow rate must be zero , with that I want that no particles are injected , however in each iteration the same constant number of particles are introduced whose mass is zero, but these exist within the domain.

- Third, when varying the UDFmass flow value, leaving volume and density of the particles defined, instead of changing the number of particles injected, what changes is the value of the mass of the particles, hence its density and / or volume , while maintaining the same amount of injected particles.

I wonder if I can change the number of particles that are injected and that it automatically adapts depending on the particle parameters (density, volume of the sphere ) .

Any contribution will be of great help for me.
Thank you a lot.

Regards, Matias.

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