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transient_13 December 23, 2013 03:04

Inquiring the using method of MHD module
Dear Sir or Madam:

I intend to use the MHD module in Fluent to explore the effect of magnetic field on the flow of MR fluid. As the MHD Module Manual has said, the setup of MHD module includes:
Naming of:
User-defined scalars and memory locations
MHD equation flux and unsteady terms
Source terms for the MHD equations

Now I wonder the following questions:
1 After importing the MHD model, do I need to edit the UDF file of source term such as ‘udf mhd_mom_source’manually or the UDF file has been defined by MHD model already?

Many thanks.
Best Regards,

tyhbd January 10, 2015 07:25

The basic setup of the MHD model is performed automatically when the MHD module
is loaded successfully. The setup includes:

The above words is from MHD manual, so we can infer that basic setup of MHD is performed automatically. Thus we needn't to edit the UDF by ourselves.

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