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Sdvk April 28, 2014 12:55

Connection macro over same wall boundary ?
Hi all,

Is there a specific macro or an easy way to get access, when looping over the faces/cells of a surfacic wall (boundary), to the cell/face located just on the left to the one we are currently in ?

I already know the adjacent cell macro but it is not usefull here since the two cells will be located on the same boundary wall.. I want the adjacent cell too, but not located in the adjacent thread.

I need this because I want to program a UDF in which along my wall (which is the surface boundary of a 3D cylindrical porous zone), except for the 1st cells for which the temperature will be maintained constant, every next cell temperature will depend on the adjacent cell (to the left) temperature (and also of a source term of a cell located in the porous zone but get this one is not a problem)..

e/ Correct me if i'm wrong but i dont think that it is possible to run a first loop over the cell boundary wall, and run a second one inside the same surface (which would allow me to find my 2 cells using an if statement ? I use to run loop over different thread but in this case, that would not be possible , right ?

Thanks a lot

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