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I-mech May 10, 2014 11:36

UDF profile: Fluent method for coupling inlet and outlet
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I'm studying fluidflow between a rotating wall and a fixed one.
I have two Inlet and an Outlet as you can see in the attachment.
Inlet 1: it's a velocity inlet.
Inlet 2: it's a pressure inlet.

I expect that Inlet 1 is more or less equal to Oulet 1 in terms of velocity and temperature (this idea is however more realistic than set a constant Temperature and Velocity to the Inlet 1).
I'm trying to set my inlet-velocity with an UDF that stores velocity and temperature from an outlet and use these values to set velocity and temperature at the inlet.

I want that Fluent does the coupling at the start of every solution so it has to simulate first with an inlet boundary condition and, for next iterations, do the coupling until convergence.

Is it possible?

How does Fluent manage the coupling if Inlet area and Outlet area are different?

Any tip is welcome. Thanks in advance for any help.

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